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17 Endeavor Ideas Loose for the Taking!

Right now we’re gifting away a host of endeavor ideas, and to help me do it’s Steve Chou.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who runs:

It’s been 7-8 years since Steve was once ultimate at the podcast once more on episode 128, so it was once long past due to get him once more on!

In this one, we shuttle brainstorming some ideas that we expect should exist in the world.

Listed below are 17 endeavor ideas we were given right here up with that you simply’re welcome to take at no cost and run with!

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1. Coupon Code Web page Where the Codes Are Verified and In point of fact Paintings

This number one concept is based on something I for my part uncover frustrating. When I’m purchasing online and I see the “Promo code” box at checkout, I Google “[store name] + coupon code” to seek for a discount code.

Invariably the similar web pages always provide up at the top of the results, and now not some of the codes ever seem to paintings.

If someone created a website online with codes that have been verified and actually worked, I consider Google would start to praise that website online and rank it effectively.

Steve has noticed this drawback from the other facet. He’ll get a large number of visitors to his e-commerce web pages making an attempt bogus coupons, and actually receives emails from irritated potentialities pronouncing they’re now not running.

Steve’s resolution was once to create his non-public coupon internet web page for his store. It ranks #1 when other folks search for coupons, and of course, the codes in reality paintings.

There are tools that already exist that can help you find coupon codes, you’ll be capable to try:

2. Plugin Cleanup Instrument

Steve outlined that whilst you uninstall a plugin on a CMS like WordPress, some corporations intentionally go away some code at the back of to continue tracking stuff to your website online.

They do this basically to gather knowledge to advertise directly to other corporations or use themselves, and the last thing you want is further code loading along along side your website online.

Steve’s endeavor concept is to create some type of provider, tool, or a plugin that exams each and every little little bit of code is eradicated when a plugin is uninstalled.

3. Associate Web page Offering Inexpensive Change choices

We simply in recent years moved and are at the present time furnishing our new house. My partner is having a look at retail outlets like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and West Elm – places I’d take into consideration higher-end retail outlets.

Alternatively we’ve got now more youthful kids, so looking for pricey stuff merely isn’t a good idea correct now as it’s merely going to get destroyed.

I want to uncover the Wayfair, Function, or IKEA choices to the furniture my partner is looking inside the higher-end retail outlets.

So, my concept is to create an associate website online that lists the high-end stuff, and in addition lists something that looks similar and costs fairly a bit of a lot much less.

I consider this might do great inside the seek results. There are quite a lot of long-tail words spherical utterly other products and comparisons, and it’ll be great from a shopper experience.

4. Self-Provider College Consulting

The following concept from Steve is to create a self-serving college consulting endeavor.

Steve outlined that there are specialists that may paintings along side your kids from freshman by the use of to their junior one year to help them get into their selected college.

Those specialists value spherical $12,000/one year. So that’s $36,000 for the 3 years, which isn’t low cost.

Steve discussed it could be possible to create a database that lists all the classes someone would need to take to be able to get right into a decided on college.

As a substitute of paying $12,000 a one year for that one-to-one tuition, parents would possibly use this provider to hand come to a decision the classes their kids need and create their own plan.

Our pal Dr. Ryan Gray created an similar provider for pre-med school scholars known as Mapp’d.

5. SimilarWeb for Podcasts

If you want to get an excellent estimate of the way so much website online guests an web website online gets you’ll be capable to cross to SimilarWeb or Ahrefs and get a large number of knowledge on a website online.

I’d like to peer something similar for podcasts. In the interim, I don’t know of a website online or provider that provides this kind of granular knowledge on how effectively a podcast is doing.

I am getting invited onto a large number of unearths, which is good. Alternatively I’ve had to put in force my own vetting process to get a in reality really feel for if the prevailing is going to stick spherical, how effectively it’s doing, and so on.

Steve added that this knowledge would also be profitable for sponsors on the lookout for unearths on which to advertise.

6. Pep Speak about for Kids Provider

Steve discussed something I consider will resonate with a large number of parents, “My kids don’t be conscious of me, if I tell them something it is going in one ear and out of the other,” Steve advised me.

A solution and endeavor concept Steve shared to battle this drawback is a pep speak about provider for teens.

Steve discussed if there was once a provider that would possibly sign up for people who are specialists or have authority in a decided on subject with kids by means of Zoom for a talk, he’d use it.

It could also be asynchronous like Cameo.

7. Custom designed-Fitted Hats

It seems that, I’ve an abnormally small head. So, I’ve a really hard time finding hats that fit effectively.

I’m moreover too old-fashioned for the fitted New Length hats, and too bald for trucker hats with the mesh inside the once more.

I were given right here during a company simply in recent years offering custom-fitted denims. They take your measurements and guarantee to
make you the best-fitting jeans.

This made me suppose, I’d utterly pay for a provider that would possibly make a custom-fitted hat utterly designed to fit my head.

8. Volleyball Surroundings System

Steve’s daughter is in reality into volleyball, and he most often is going along to her practice sessions and is helping out appearing as a setter for her.

Maximum other sports activities actions, like baseball and basketball, have a gadget that’ll set or serve balls. Alternatively as far as Steve is acutely aware of, there isn’t a volleyball environment gadget to be had in the marketplace.

Steve discussed he’s been on the lookout for one, so he’d be one of the first potentialities if someone executes in this idea.

9. Customized, Science-Sponsored Wellness Provider

I’ve been using WellnessFX for the overall couple of years. This provider analyzes your blood take a look at results and over the years will follow how changes in meals plan and way of life impact numerous biomarkers.

It’s also possible to e ebook a consultation with one amongst their authorized neatly being practitioners by the use of the positioning if you want to take problems to the next stage.

Where WellnessFX stops fast, however, is the ongoing assist.

It doesn’t lay out a plan of when to take positive nutritional dietary supplements and which way of life changes will in reality help to optimize your neatly being on an ongoing basis.

Steve discussed this is something he would moreover pay for as effectively, then again admitted it’s a endeavor that sounds moderately tricky to position jointly.

10. Group Recycling Provider

In Steve’s circle of relatives, they get by the use of a large number of sparkling water. Steve does recycle the empty cans, then again he doesn’t send them once more to get the $0.05 in step with can as it’s a large number of effort.

Steve’s concept is to prepare a local recycling provider, type of like a earnings proportion on empty can recycling.

You might be able to achieve massive numbers of cans to make sending them to the recycling center inexpensive, then get a divorce the source of revenue 50/50 with families that participate.

11. Classpass for Golfing

I’ve been collaborating in a bit of bit bit further golfing inside the ultimate one year, basically with my dad as it’s turn into his retirement pastime.

What I’ve seen is that you simply don’t see season passes for golfing like you do with skiing or any other leisure pursuits.

That purchased me to wondering whether or not or now not or now not it could be possible to position jointly a package of collaborating techniques and advertise that as a bundle deal.

Steve agreed and most well-liked the idea that. He against this it to MoviePass and other subscription models that have finished effectively in several niches.

12. Plant Kennel

This idea from Steve is the result of a subject matter he ran into simply in recent years. Steve went on travel to Florida, and when he returned a couple of of his houseplants had died.

Finally, you’ll be capable to have a pal pop over to your home and water your plants while you’re away. Alternatively that’s always a pain, and not possible for some other folks.

Steve’s concept is to prepare a “plant kennel.” Somewhere you’ll be capable to drop off your plants (or they’ll come to a decision them up) so someone else will maintain them while you’re away.

13. Place of abode Repairs Productized Provider

With this idea I’m considering of one-stop searching for pest control, touch up painting, small duties, gutter clearing, and other numerous fixer-up duties.

If you already have a handyman endeavor or something in that area, I’m sure you most likely can prepare a productized provider for homeowners.

You might be able to even play matchmaker and get ready the entire numerous tradesmen to go back out beneath your own branding.

Steve is onboard with this idea. He discussed it’s something his mom — who lives on my own — would make the most of for sure.

14. Equitable Social Sharing

Social signs are important for helping get traction with content material subject material online.

It’s widespread to invite buddies to help out by way of sharing stuff, however it for sure’s hard to deal with follow of who’s helping out and the way in which so much they’re doing.

Steve’s concept is to create some type of platform or tool program that keeps follow of who’s sharing content material subject material on social media, and the way in which so much they’re giving compared to how so much they’re taking.

Mainly it’s an equitable social sharing tool that guarantees everybody appears to be collaborating in fair.

15. Opposite Activity Board

I picked up this idea from the positioning and it’s for a opposite task board.

How it works is that instead of responding to task postings, applicants publish a listing in their perfectly suited task along side their experience and what they’ll supply a company.

This allows corporations to probably save money on recruitment costs while having a central database to clear out and read applicants based totally most commonly on their experience and desires.

16. Apocalypse Guide

Steve outlined that his partner has been a bit of paranoid about bad stuff happening for the reason that pandemic started.

They’ve been looking for up emergency foods and gives in case of 1 different pandemic-style instance, then again uncover some items difficult to get.

Steve discussed he’d pay for a prepping or “apocalypse advertising and marketing marketing consultant”. Anyone to advise him on exactly what supplies he would need to make certain he’s in a position for the scenarios he and his partner concern about.

17. Fractional Ownership of Cash Flowing Corporations

The general endeavor concept is one different one from and it’s for Fractional Possession Of Money Flowing Companies With out The Paintings.

This platform is designed to take some of the risk out of buying a endeavor while moreover making it more practical for corporations to raise the finances by way of selling fractional stakes in a endeavor.

It is a drawback that’s been solved with exact belongings and is in reality just like how the stock marketplace works.

Alternatively to my knowledge, it’s now not however been carried out for the purchase of local firms.

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