September 26, 2022



EJ’s secret Domo sauce: Approvals

At EJ, we’re the usage of the Approvals house for our within Domo request gadget. Prior to enforcing this option, we professional issues with staff and transparency of incoming Domo requests. Requests were submitted by the use of a lot of spaces along with Buzz, e-mail, messaging, cell phone calls, and other within company strategies.

Continuously, duplication of work used to be professional when requests were sent to a variety of shoppers. Resulting from protection boundaries professional while using the Duties and Tasks house of Domo, we’ve been missing a strategy to organize requests and provide transparency to those involved. When Approvals used to be introduced in our instance, we spotted this as an opportunity to centralize requests in one location. 

Approvals were designed for approval workflows. However, with the customizable templates, it has worked effectively to transform proper right into a tailored request gadget. Any approved Domo particular person has the versatility to go into an Popularity of a request.

5 Approval templates were created in our instance to cover the most important request varieties we download, and an additional 6th risk—”Commonplace Domo Request”—is in the marketplace for any requests that don’t fall into one of the other categories.

Each template is customized to include questions specific to the topic. For example, “New Particular person Request” accommodates required fields for identify, e-mail, and protection/access needs. And “New/Changed Document Request” can link directly to pages or enjoying playing cards. Those templates require the required information prematurely, decreasing the forwards and backwards communications to retrieve incomplete information for a request.   

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Through default, approvals are routed to the admin staff for overview. Once throughout the admin queue, requests are reviewed and then assigned to an individual admin or power person who could be liable for completing the request. Reassigning allows shoppers to grasp who’s engaged at the request. After the request has been completed, it’s approved and a notification is automatically sent to the original requester. 

The choices presented by way of a centralized request gadget have solved our prior issues and presented many additional benefits. The comments house on each and every request is applied to arrange conversations and @ indicate directly to content material subject matter within Domo.

Shoppers have the versatility so to upload observers or approval shoppers to an individual request, which provides increased transparency to their group of workers. This technique solves the trouble of requests coming by the use of a lot of strategies, allowing for upper staff and prioritization.

One different benefit is the versatility to create DataFlows at the Approval gadget itself, so we can generate dashboards tracking the motion of approval processes. 

In any case, using Approvals for our within Domo request gadget allows us to arrange and care for requests successfully with a sooner turnaround, resulting in an enhanced particular person experience.