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Flipping Footwear for Earnings – $250-1000 a Month in Your Spare Time

At the aspect from his day process, Beau Hunter is a professional shoe flipper.

His flipping aspect hustle has helped his family erase over $100k in debt!

In this episode, Beau explains why shoes are a phenomenal variety for novices and the way in which you

can uncover shoes to turn for up to a 10x go back.

For many who’re searching for an extra $500-1000 a month in income, I’m confident you perhaps can go out and uncover it sneakers with the help of Beau’s insights.

Music in to The Side Hustle Provide interview to hear:

  • why Beau narrowed in on flipping shoes
  • where he assets inventory and the way in which he prices his shoes
  • how Beau cleans, preps, and lists his shoes in the marketplace

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Why Footwear?

“For many who’d asked me 5 years up to now I would possibly have knowledgeable you, ‘Footwear? What are you talking about? I don’t even like shoes,’” Beau knowledgeable me.

Beau outlined that he have been flipping units for a while then again the considered flipping shoes under no circumstances crossed his ideas.

Part of the explanation for this was once that Beau didn’t have an interest in taste or know so much about shoes.

Then again it grew to become obvious that there were plenty of shoes in the marketplace. Beau would most often see shoes at thrift retail outlets, garage product sales, online marketplaces, and somewhere else while searching for stuff to turn.

In the end, Beau decided to attempt flipping some shoes.

He was once surprised via how so much interest there was once and the way in which easy it was once to turn them, and this was once the beginning of Beau narrowing his center of attention onto shoes.

Beau outlined that there are a selection of upsides to flipping shoes over other units, like:

  • No need to acquire spare parts or restore them up
  • They send merely and inexpensively
  • You don’t will have to spend so much time learning about utterly other shoes
  • They don’t absorb plenty of house at residing
  • They’re a low price degree then again have the potential of a over the top ROI

For many who’re in this day and age flipping units or are fascinated with getting started, Beau said he’d recommend to anyone to try to turn some shoes.

And we’re talking about frequently shoes and dress shoes, now not necessarily flipping limited model or high-end shoes.

flipping shoes for profit

The First Shoe Turn and Getting Started

Beau recollects the principle pair of shoes he flipped successfully as it was once a couple of his non-public shoes.

“For many who bought shoes in your house you don’t placed on, advertise ‘em,” Beau said.

Even in the event you don’t have spare shoes yourself, Beau outlined that it’s now not hard to hunt out pals or family members with spare shoes.

This is a great solution to get started. You’ll be capable to apply taking footage, making listings online, and seeing what you can get for them.

Beau uses eBay to advertise maximum of his shoes. He said that he’s acutely aware of of quite a lot of other marketplaces where he would possibly cross-post his listings, then again he’s busy at the side of his day process and has limited time.

Beau works up to 70-80 hours each week as a band director for a high school in Texas. Flipping might be very so much an aspect hustle and something he does as and when he has spare time.

Sourcing Additional Inventory and Requirements

A few of the places Beau said you’ll uncover shoes are:

  • Thrift retail outlets
  • Garage product sales
  • Flea markets
  • Assets product sales
  • Church product sales
  • Online marketplaces

Beau said that online marketplaces are the most simple solution to uncover shoes, then again they’re usually the most expensive.

He moreover said that men’s shoes are in shorter supply then again turn for additonal as it’s a miles much less competitive marketplace.

As for requirements, when Beau sees a couple of shoes the principle problems he turns out at are:

  • Fashion – This is crucial issue to think about when looking for shoes. People generally tend to seem via type, in order that you’ll have to grasp what producers of shoes are selling successfully.
  • Scenario – The location of the shoes is going to have an enormous affect at the price. It’s common to have to clean shoes up previous than flipping, then again you don’t wish to try to repair them.
  • Doable income – “I don’t wish to make not up to $25 income on a couple of shoes,” Beau knowledgeable me. Everyone can have their own margin they’re relaxed with, then again as Beau is short on time he targets for $25 consistent with pair a minimum of, and from time to time reveals shoes he can advertise for up to 10x.
  • Size – Beau said he won’t acquire one thing underneath a dimension 8 in men’s and a 6 and a part in women’s. It doesn’t topic how huge men’s shoes are, then again one thing above 8 and a part in women’s shoes are hard to advertise.

Once what you’re searching for, Beau said it’s in reality now not that tough to hunt out shoes that you have to turn for income.

“You’ll uncover $25 income shoes just about each and every time you go out in the event you pass to plenty of retail outlets,” Beau knowledgeable me.

Prime Acting Producers and Pricing

Beau said it’s “reasonably hit and miss,” if you want to try to take care of the top-performing shoe producers.

Bear in mind: Seize Beau’s record of manufacturers to search for right here.

There are thousands of shoe producers and such a lot of sorts, models, and years of make that it’s hard to pinpoint largest dealers or easiest income models of shoe.

Robust, well known dress shoe producers will advertise for the following price, as will same old running shoe producers.

Producers like Crimson Wing, Lucchese, and Cole Haan were plenty of Beau mentioned that do successfully for him at the dress shoe aspect.

For running shoes, Adidas, Nike, Brooks, and Hoka all advertise successfully as long as they’re in excellent scenario.

When estimating a price, as a not unusual rule Beau said used shoes will turn for spherical 1 / 4 to part in their retail price depending at the scenario.

Beau moreover takes a quick glance on eBay to look how so much a decided on shoe is in this day and age selling for inside the completed auctions.

For many who’re prepared to spend time in need of, Beau said there’s always plenty of doable to find a over the top plenty of turn on a excellent type.

An example Beau shared is that he would possibly find a pair of Lucchese boots for $10-15 that he’s able to advertise for as so much as $350 at the over the top end.

At the equivalent time, he moreover sees Lucchese boots that he’s acutely aware of will only advertise for $80 tops, so he usually passes on those.

In terms of understanding the fitting model of a shoe, each and every type is totally other.

Cole Haan, for example, has a model amount at the inside of the shoe you wish to have to make use of to search for the establish of the shoe on Google.

Some shoes are tougher to resolve in order that you’ll will have to perform a little investigating to hunt out out what the model is.

Crimson Flags

There are certain sorts of harm or placed on and tear that can stop Beau from looking for a couple of shoes.

For running shoes, any observed harm where the heel slips in or the one actual of the shoe will make Beau move on it.

If someone is looking for running shoes they’re going to wish them to be in ok scenario that they’ll use them for running and be relaxed.

Over the top-end leather dress shoes are always going to seem “gnarly,” Beau said, then again this doesn’t put him off.

Beau runs his finger along the one actual of dress shoes to check for relaxed spots, makes certain the sewing is in excellent order all through the shoe and assessments the heel.

Somewhat of wear and tear and tear on a used shoe is predicted and that doesn’t put Beau off. As long as the shoe is in excellent scenario and isn’t going to collapse, if the margin is there, he’ll acquire it.

The Importance of Making Connections

Making connections with managers and workers at thrift retail outlets and other places that advertise used shoes has been monumental for Beau.

Beau explains to shop for workers what he’s doing when purchasing at thrift retail outlets and asks in the event that they’ll tip him off when new stock is to be had in.

There were quite a lot of occasions when store managers have knowledgeable him they’ve additional bins of shoes out the once more and given him the principle glance.

Prepping Footwear for Sale

Beau has treated plenty of utterly other provides and sorts of shoes, so he’s built up a suite of cleaning products.

It’s a must to some specialised merchandise to scrub up footwear in the marketplace, however it indisputably’s in reality low price and simple to do, Beau outlined.

For significantly pungent shoes like running shoes, Beau will also run them by means of the system and use a deodorizer.

There are certain stains and odors Beau has discovered from experience that it’s merely now not without a doubt value the time and effort to clean up.

As an example, cat hair or urine are powerful ones, as is the odor of smoke. Till there’s a massive margin at the shoes Beau steers successfully clear of those.

The important issue to remember is that “they don’t have to seem type new,” Beau knowledgeable me.

Product Pictures

Excellent product photos are crucial when selling shoes online.

Beau bought some white picture paper for his background, makes use of 3 lighting, and says his product photos are just about as excellent as anyone’s.

Beau added that having fine quality photos is one of the the explanation why he is able to document his shoes at the better end in their price range.

Listing Best Practices

A few of the listing largest practices Beau shared are:

  • Descriptive titles – Beau outlined that eBay’s set of rules likes it if you happen to fritter away all the letter house inside the identify. Include the type, dimension, and other important information inside the identify.
  • Excellent descriptions – You will have to document as so much information about the shoe as attainable. Along with the type, type, and model, make detailed notes at the scenario of the shoes.
  • Fill out meta wisdom – eBay asks for a lot of meta wisdom. Problems like the size in several global places, the material of the shoe and so on. Be sure you fill out as so much as attainable.
  • Report as “Acquire it now” – This allows customers to shop for the shoe without in a position for an auction to complete.
  • Buyer can pay supply – Shipping fees can range rather slightly founded most commonly on how far away your buyer is. It’s more effective to just document your shoes as the buyer can pay supply if you happen to’re starting out. You’ll be capable to change to loose supply at a later date when you could have a better considered how so much to bake into the worth of the shoes.
  • Accept returns – Beau said he thinks it’s correct to simply settle for returns on shoes. A buyer can’t attempt them on previous than they acquire as they’d inside the store, so it’s only fair. That’s the position taking fine quality footage is helping. For many who’re catching each and every flaw and mark at the shoes, the buyer is acutely aware of what to expect once they open them.

Mistakes and Surprises in Flipping Footwear

“For many who get a Nike from Marshalls and document it as type new, that’s a subject,” Beau said.

If you acquire Nike’s from Marshall’s, they don’t are to be had a box and also you’ll’t advertise them as type new.

Beau said that Nike has been recognized to buy their shoes being purchased as “new” that smash any pointers and document dealers.

It’s now not merely Nike that does this, then again Nike is the worst perpetrator, Beau said. That was once one lesson Beau discovered along one of the best ways.

One different is that using positive words which could be copyrighted can get you in hassle.

eBay has a Verified Rights Proprietor (VeRO) coverage that protects companies from dealers infringing on their copyright, trademark, or other psychological belongings rights.

You’ll be capable to’t even use the word “Velcro” as that’s a type establish. Instead, you’ll have to mention “hook and loop” or something similar.

Beau said a couple of of those companies are reasonably competitive about finding dealers using their copyrighted words so it’s largest to sweep up on what you perhaps can or can’t use.

You’ll even run into issues supply positive provides over state lines. As an example, Beau has picked up boots comprised of sea turtle leather which isn’t allowed in some states.

Tools and Tech

The tools Beau uses to run his undertaking are:

  • Spreadsheets – This is how Beau tracks his inventory, sale proceeds, and so on.
  • Air-conditioned garage unit – Beau has an air-conditioned garage unit with the aptitude to hold spherical 400 pairs of shoes. He uses this to store shoes on account of humidity can degrade positive provides over the years.

What’s Next?

Beau has a 3-month old-fashioned so he’s been busy at residing the last few months. Then again he’s desperate to get once more into hustling and flipping shoes, exercising, and traveling.

Beau said he moreover wants to, “assemble an reasonably priced route, something that’s somewhat priced for people.”

He wants to walk people by means of all the small nuances of flipping shoes and intends to start out working on that briefly.

Beau’s #1 Tip for Side Hustle Country

If your coronary middle guides you to 1 factor, merely attempt it.”

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