September 30, 2022



On Independence Day, Brazil’s president plans to flaunt his military ties : NPR

President Bolsonaro is urging supporters to take to the streets for Independence Day. This is a precursor to additional verbal attacks on democratic institutions ahead of next month’s elections.


It’s independence day in Brazil, and the country’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, plans to use as we talk’s birthday party to flaunt his close ties to the defense force. This comes amid emerging problems that Bolsonaro will refuse to depart place of business if he loses next month’s presidential election. For added, we’re joined by way of John Otis, who covers Brazil for NPR. John, what’s purported to happen as we talk?

JOHN OTIS, BYLINE: Yeah. Correctly, first, Bolsonaro plans to wait a military parade in Brasilia, which is the capital, and that may be a somewhat common annual instance, then again then he’ll do something in truth out of the extraordinary. He’ll fly appropriate all the way down to Rio de Janeiro, where he’ll give a speech at the enduring Copacabana Beach, and that instance is going to serve as a naval flotilla, an air provide with paratroopers jumping out of aircraft and in addition cannons which can also be going to fire off a 21-gun salute.

MARTINEZ: So it type of turns out like a militarized advertising marketing campaign beach instance.

OTIS: Yeah, I indicate, it’s – what it actually is, is type of a last-ditch advertising marketing campaign stunt. The entire polls in Brazil are displaying Bolsonaro trailing his left-wing rival, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who’s a former president. So Bolsonaro is trying to do something in truth dramatic to turn the tables and type of reset his advertising marketing campaign. You might read about it to former U.S. President Donald Trump using Mount Rushmore as a 4th of July backdrop for his 2020 reelection advertising marketing campaign. Bolsonaro has moreover been busy promoting as we talk’s instance in TV spots like this one.

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PRESIDENT JAIR BOLSONARO: (Speaking Portuguese).

OTIS: Now, in it, he’s urging Brazilians to refill Copacabana Beach as we talk to have this large, huge provide of power.

MARTINEZ: So why has the instance caused so much controversy in Brazil?

OTIS: Correctly, essentially it’s because of Bolsonaro has been in truth coy about whether or not or no longer he would actually cross away place of business if he loses throughout the October 2 election, and the indications will have to no longer very good. He’s claimed that the polls are improper, that Brazil’s virtual balloting gadget is riddled with fraud and that the military should oversee the vote rely. Now, if Bolsonaro does lose and if Bolsonaro tries to hold to power, he would very apparently lean at the military for assist. Bolsonaro is, it is advisable to recall, a former navy captain. His government is full of ex-military officials. And he’s a variety of circumstances declared that only God can take me from the presidency. So if Bolsonaro manages to draw huge crowds as we talk out on Copacabana Beach, that could be interpreted by way of the military as swelling standard assist for the president to stay in power even if he loses.

MARTINEZ: Then again would then Brazil’s military actually assist an over the top switch by way of Bolsonaro?

OTIS: Correctly, I indicate, that’s the huge question. He’d apparently get assist from some military officials, however it no doubt’s additional unsure that all of the prime brass would go along with a full-fledged coup. Government right kind now in Brazil are on heightened alert for any type of attack on Brazil’s democracy. They simply in recent times raided the homes of a variety of Brazilian businessmen who, in text messages, gave the look to be supporting a military coup. Then again all that discussed, you moreover wish to don’t put out of your mind that Brazil does have a prolonged history of military coups, and it used to be ruled by way of a military dictatorship as simply in recent times as 1985.

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MARTINEZ: John Otis covers Brazil for NPR. John, as always, thank you.

OTIS: Thank you for having me.

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