February 7, 2023



Striking the ‘Virtual Type of You’ to paintings

Who’s acquired the upper paintings ethic in your online business…

You’ (ie. in exact existence) or the ‘virtual type of you’ (ie. online)?

I posed this question on the newest AREC convention.

If maximum of your prospecting, promoting and advertising and lead generation workout is performed in “exact existence” and in “exact time” by means of “you” (ie. in face to face or Zoom meetings or at the phone) then you definately’re leaving a huge choice at the table.

On account of the ‘virtual type of you’ may well be doing the lion’s percentage of the heavy lifting and unfastened you up for the for high-value stuff!

If there’s no ‘virtual type of you’ then on every occasion you’re no longer running, not anything is going on.

How do I create ‘virtual you’?
For individuals who can take the IP, information and insights from your head and package deal deal them up as content material subject matter like films, tales, e mail series, bureaucracy and articles, then the ‘virtual type of you’ is unleashed to paintings 24/7 even when you’re on holiday, asleep or spending time with family.

**For the document, “exact time, exact existence” input from the real you is very important specifically when it comes to ultimate provides and developing personal connections. So save that valuable time for the high-value, high-stakes interactions!

If “virtual you” doesn’t exist or isn’t pulling its weight, you’re making it so much harder in your self, and your possible customers to get to grasp, like and trust you.

“Virtual you” has the versatility to outwork the “exact existence you”.

Plus ‘virtual you’ will assist you to in so many ways, so I urge you to consider how you can:

unpack your IP, information and insights and
package deal deal it up so that it is helping your promoting and advertising, lead gen and product sales efforts.

Convert your IP and expertise into virtual assets like:

Films, webinar recordings, proposal walk throughs, articles, templates, e mail series, training systems and so forth.
Every virtual asset you create is an opportunity to position “virtual you” to paintings!

I’m curious does this concept resonate with you?
(Please let me know throughout the comments)


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